Amazing discovery,
pre-Pants Reg recording

Reginald Banana has yet again spoken, this time from before he became Panted up

Not content with announcing to the world that the surviving Pants now include seven of the original personnel, we can also share a world exclusive.

Skid has unearthed what possibly is one of the most historic and rare recordings on the planet. This is probably more important than the recording of the  Brigade Bugler who survived the Charge of the Light Brigade, whose voice and trumpet were famously encode on wax cylinder in the dawning age of recording, more influential than anything by the renowned plagiarist Robert Johnson, in the early 20th Century, by which time cellulose and metal discs had revolutionised the art of recording. Johnson, you may recall,  shamelessly ripped off the Rock Carnaby Songbook and claimed it as his own; “No Sireee, I didn’t know. Massah, I can’t read!”, was his answer to accusations.

More important than the recordings by Blind Lemon Jefferson who copied the Robert Johnson Songbook, ignorant of the fact that it had already been stolen from Rock; “No Sireee, I didn’t know. Massah, I can’t see!”, was his version of events.

So here it is, for the first time on the internet, for the first time to be heard by an audience of more than three, although it was Number  One for six months in Outer Mongolia, where there are no radios, record players, Music Charts or people!

Ladeez and Gen’lmen, I bring you the Vesta’s Bards platter… ‘I don’t care’

Recorded in 1910 in a Blackpool Bedsit bathroom, this classic recording uses all of the resources available in 1910, stealing from sauces as far ranging as OK, HP and Worcestershire. Honest Guv’ nuffink finer has bin recorded except on a virginal!

Note the reverb on the vocal track, this was a direct consequence of Reginald’s time in military service. Serving in South Africa as a Private Part (First Class) the sound of the approaching millions of a chanting Zulu Army became indelibly imprinted on this naive young guitarist.