Cherrywood returns!

Cherrywood, behind the wig, Reg providing the backing. It’s like they’ve never been absent, as they say abscesses make the fart grow longer, see next page for news about Reginald Banana.

It’s true, Cherrywood’ back, (that’s it above, in front
of Reg, Rock stoops for a better look with a microscope!)

In a year of amazing happenings, having already had the fantastic unearthing of Rock Carnaby and Smackers, then Mick Reynolds got back in touch, we are overjoyed to announce that there is yet aditional exciting news.

Cherrywood McCarthy has been discovered taking refuge in the chat pages of a South West London football club’s website.

Not only that but there have already been some instances of physical proof that this colossus of Boogie Music is still living in close proximity to the rest of the surviving Pant fraternity. A couple of images below show the first meet-up for 38 years with Skid and Justin.

Cherrywod has spent the last 35 years in Nirvana, having gone missing on a ‘round the world hike to worship at the shrine of the Big Dar in Tibet. Discovered unconscious by a wandering monk at the summit of Everest having misread his map (it was later discovered that he’d been reading it upside down for two years and thought he was on Putney Hill. “I thought it was a bit parky” he later said.

The stay with the lost monks of Everest obviously did him no harm at all as he appears to be the same age as the time of his departure. “It was their special diet of Guiness and Yak that did it” he quoth modestly.

Watch out – hooligans about! L to R, Justin, Skid and Cherrywood in their dignified dotage.

Watch out – more hooligans about!

More news and certainly more up-to-date images will follow in due time, watch this space